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Including preparation for IELTS and OET

English & Maths for Healthcare Professionals


Prepare for the IELTS or OET exam

The ability to communicate effectively in English is an essential requirement for working as a healthcare professional in the UK. If you have professional registration from a course which was not taught and assessed in English, you will need to provide evidence that you are competent at speaking, listening, reading and writing in English, before you can apply to the UK register.

IELTS and OET are widely recognised tests of English skills. The requirements vary according to each professional body. If you need help to improve your chances of success, I can provide individual or small group English tuition.

Maths for Nurses

Drug calculations, fluid monitoring, understanding data

Nurses need to be able to safely calculate medicine doses, fluid balance, controlled drug stocks and understand numerical data presented in charts and academic literature.

Sometimes nurses find these skills difficult, and many healthcare providers will test these skills to ensure that patients are kept safe. Unfortunately, basic numeracy skills may have been poorly understood at school and this can lead to believing that 'I'm rubbish at maths'.

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